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Richard Wagner's life journeys from the heights of Romanticism to the movement's supreme crisis which he himself orchestrated. His musical language overturned all the accepted concepts of harmony as it pointed to the beginnings of the post-Romantic period and beyond. His work is without a doubt one of the pillars on which Western music rests. Wagner's life begins in 1813... Read more >>
Richard Wagner's musical legacy rests with only thirteen completed stage works. Of these, ten of them have remained in the repertory of all major opera houses around the world, and represent some of the most loved, most often performed, and innovative works created by any composer in the 19th century. Click the link below to find complete information about all of Wagner's operas, including Der Ring des Nibelungen, Tristan und Isolde, and Parsifal. Read more >>
The Bayreuth festival is the oldest of the European summer events. This yearly ritual in this small Bavarian city started in 1876, when Wagner himself had the Festspielhaus built to his specifications in order to present his four part music drama, Der Ring des Nibelungen. Read more >>

The works of Wagner offer a modern production team a full canvas where a director and scenic/costume designers can stretch their imagination and present their personal interpretation of the composer's work to today's audiences.

In the early days, productions of Wagner's works reflected the composer's attention to minute detail, and often took their lead from the composer's own hyper-realistic stagings at the Bayreuth Festival theater.

The postwar reopening of the Bayreuth Festival revolutionized Wagnerian productions and completely shattered the orthodoxy of traditional staging. Click the link to examine key productions in the history of Wagnerian staging. Read more >>

Here you will find the Wagnerians: the artists and conductors who possess the great talent and incredible stamina to perform some of the most difficult and lengthy roles in the vocal repertory. Click on the link for biographies and pictures of some of the great Wagnerians of all time. Read more >>

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