Comprehensive Wagner Sites
Richard Wagner Archive Edited by Hannu Salmi
Richard Wagner Web Site Edited by Kristian Evensen
Richard Wagner Werkstatt Excellent and comprehensive site. In German
Wagner Operas Richard Wagner and his Operas, edited by Vincent Vargas
Wagnermanía Up-to-date site featuring Wagner-related news. Edited by Román Rodríguez. In Spanish
La Hemeroteca Wagneriana A Wagner Archive edited by Francisco Javier Gordillo. In Spanish
WagnerWeb A vast, well organized collection of Wagnerian resources. In German
Richard Wagner Excellent page with loads of Wagner information. In Italian and English Comprehensive site from Norway, edited by Per-Erik Skramstad.
Wagnerheim Paul Heise's quest to grasp the conceptual unity of Richard Wagner's music-drama.
Wagner Performances
Wagner in Performance - Ravens Reporting Information about upcoming Wagner performances
Scholarly Wagner Sites
Montsalvat A web site exclusively about Parsifal, edited by Derrick Everett
Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen Edited by John Weinstock at the University of Texas
Teutonic Mythology and Richard Wagner Edited by Jessica K. McShan at the University of Michigan
Picasso and Parsifal A short article by Mark Harris, with Picasso illustrations
Tolkien and Wagner A lecture by Dr. Bradley J. Birzer, Professor of History at Hillsdale College
Tolkien's Ring and Der Ring des Nibelungen Excerpt from One Ring to Rule them All by David Harvey
Richard Wagner - A Powerhouse of Music and Ideas The life and work of Richard Wagner, by Sebastian Mitchell
Wagner Biographies
Richard Wagner an article from the Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music
Richard Wagner: Master of the Music Drama a short biography with plenty of info on the thirteen operas
Richard Wagner Biography A short biography from the Arizona Opera's website
Richard Wagner Biography -- Internet Public Library A short biography by Robert Sherrane
Richard Wagner Biography a short essay from
Books by or about Richard Wagner -- E-books from Project Gutenberg
My Life (Volume I) by Richard Wagner
My Life (Volume II) by Richard Wagner
On Conducting by Richard Wagner
The Wagner Story Book by Henry Frost
Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume I Translated by Francis Hueffer
Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume II Translated by Francis Hueffer
Wagner by John F. Runciman
Sources for Wagner's Operas
The Nibelungenlied Translated into English by Daniel B. Shumway (1909)
The Story of the Volsungs Translated into English by William Morris and Eirikr Magnusson (1888)
The Prose Edda Written in the year 1200 by Snorri Sturlson, translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur (1916)
The Poetic Edda Written down from AD 1000 to 1300 in Iceland, translated by Henry Adams Bellows (1936)
The Works of Wolfram von Eschenbach In German, from the Bibliotheca Augustana
The High History of the Holy Graal Originally written in Old French, translated by Sebastian Evans (1898)
Wagner Texts, Libretti, Synopses, and Scores
The Wagner Library Edited by Patrick Swinkels. Features Wagner's correspondence and complete vocal scores
Richard Wagner-Dramatiker und Komponist features libretti of the Ring and Rienzi. Edited by Dirk Meyer
Opera Glass - Richard Wagner A site edited by Rick Bogart with libretti of the major works
The Musical Themes of the Ring MP3's and scores of all the leitmotives of the Ring
Archivo Wagner Monumental site, featuring essays, letters, and interview with singers. In Spanish
The Wagner Bayreuth Festival The official site of the yearly summer opera festival at the Festspielhaus
The Richard Wagner Museum at Bayreuth The official site of the Wahnfried House Museum
The Bayreuth Festspielehaus History and information about Bayreuth, by Sebastian Mitchell. In English
The Official Site News and updates about the Bayreuth Festival. In German
Wagner-related Art
Arthur Rackham's Illustrations to Wagner's The Ring There are sixty-four Rackham illustrations on this site.
Richard Wagner Postkarten A collection of dozens of old postcards based on Wagner's operas
Richard Wagner Postcard-Gallery and Shop Purchase your Richard Wagner postcards, posters and cups
Historic Opera A huge site with tons of photographs, Bayreuth postcards, and actual antique items for sale.
Opera Blogs and Forums
Wellsung Wry operatic commentary and reviews from Alex and Jonathan
Parterre Box "Unnatural Acts of Opera" with host La Cieca
Sieglinde's Diaries Blogging about the MET, complete with awesome photographs, via Leon Dominguez
Adventures in Opera Singing Bass Campbell Vertesi's opera site and blog
The Penitent Wagnerite An opera and classical music blog by Patrick J. Smith
The Richard Wagner Forum A forum dedicated to the discussion of Wagner and his operas by David A. Wank
Miscellaneous Wagner Sites
The Wagner Tuba All about the instrument created by Adolphe Sax and championed by Richard Wagner
Wagner Societies
Richard Wagner Verband International e.V. The International Association of Wagner Societies
The Wagner Society of New York a major Wagner Society in the United States
Svenska Wagner-Sällskapet The Swedish Wagner Society
Wagner Genootschap Nederland The Dutch Wagner Society
The Wagner Society of Dallas Texas' most important Wagner society
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