Wagner did the same with his original sketches, very naive sketches: an oak tree here, some other trees over there; he has a river and a hill with a castle on it. Then he has a courtyard in the second act. In the third act he has a bed on the stage with a canopy -- the interior of a bedroom. Actually, that is the same thing I have done. There is a bar of light here, and a second bar of light that is a bit smaller, and then a construction and another square -- that is Richard Wagner. It is the same spatial relationship.

--Robert Wilson

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First Performance: March 9, 1998 -- James Levine (conductor)
Lohengrin -- Ben Heppner
Elsa -- Deborah Voigt
Ortrud -- Deborah Polaski
King Henry -- Eric Halfvarson
Telramund -- Hans-Joachim Ketelsen
The King's Herald -- Eike Wilm Schulte
In a curtain speech before the performance, general manager Joseph Volpe dedicated the performance to Leonie Rysanek who died March 7, 1998.