Calixto Bieito is a Spanish theatre and opera director. His 2010 production of Parsifal at the Stuttgart Staatsoper is a tale of spiritual crisis set in a Post-Apocalyptic world.
Inspired by the novel “The Road” by American author Cormac McCarthy, Bieito’s Parsifal is confronted with the remains of civilisation. The protagonists in the novel, father and son, wander through post-apocalyptic, deserted and desolate America. Accordingly, Bieito sees Parsifal set in the apocalyptic remains of the world. Stage designer Susanne Gschwender creates a destroyed landscape covered by ash, where a ruined motorway bridge is the only evidence of a bygone civilisation. Mercè Paloma provides the characters with an existential basic outfit: protection from heat, cold and pollution.

Below is the prelude from this production of Parsifal



A memorable moment from Act I: the Knights of the Grail, now turned into the remnants of the people of Earth, face the audience and hold up signs, even though they may not know their meaning. Parsifal kneels in the center, stoned, due to the pills Gurnemanz gave him earlier.

The following video is an extended look at Calixto Bieito's production. These scenes allow you to experience what the production must have been like on the stage of the Staatsoper.
This production was first presented at the Stuttgart Staatsoper in April, 2010
Manfred Honeck, conductor
Gurnemanz -- Stephen Milling
Kundry -- Christiane Iven
Amfortas -- Gregg Baker
Parsifal -- Andrew Richards
Titurel -- Matthias Hölle
Klingsor -- Claudio Otelli