Photographs from Sebastian Baumgarten's 2011 Production of Tannhäuser at the Bayreuth Festival
The unit set of Sebastian Baumgarten's production.
Act I - A Venusberg filled with subhumans reminiscent of a cage from the film Planetof the Apes.
Act I - A very pregnant Venus (Stephanie Friede) and Tannhäuser (Lars Cleveman) hash things out.
Act II - Elisabeth (Camilla Nylund) greets the Hall of Song at the Wartburg.
Act II - Elisabeth (Camilla Nylund) and Tannhäuser (Lars Cleveman) meet in the Hall of Song.
Act II - Bass Günther Groissböck in the role of Landgraf Herrmann.
Act II - "Man Against Man" A panorama of the Song Contest at the Wartburg.
Act II - Tannhäuser (Lars Cleveman) sings a frenzied hymn to the pleasures of worldly love.
Act II - Tannhäuser (Lars Cleveman) and Biterolf (Diógenes Randes) are separated by Wolfram (Michael Nagy)
Love is a Battlefield: Elisabeth (Camilla Nylund) and Tannhäuser (Lars Cleveman).
Act II - The Song Contest at the Wartburg.
Act III - Tannhauser (Lars Cleveman) sings the Rome Narrative.
All Photographs © Enrico Nawrath