Act I: The library of Wahnfried. All the principal male characters are dressed like Richard Wagner, except Hermann Levi, the brilliant Jewish conductor whom Wagner pressured into converting in order to conduct Parsifal. In this production he will become Beckmesser.
The Meistersingers gather. All of them wearing medieval costumes, except Richard Wagner (Hans Sachs) and Hermann Levi (Beckmesser). They all sip tea, except for Beckmesser who eats a cheese sandwich.

Towards the conclusion of Act II, the citizens of Nuremberg put on a Jew's head on Beckmesser, and he dances a"Jewish" dance. This mask is reminiscent of the stereotype of the Jew during the Third Reich in such films as DER EWIGE JUDE (1940).


The citizens of Nuremberg during Act III. The set is reminiscent of the courtroom where the post World War II Nuremberg trails were held.
Hans Sachs praises the glories of St. John's Day.
Beckmesser is attacked by five midget Jews.