This is the summer when celebrated graphic artists have taken over the opera house. At the Bavarian State Opera artist Georg Baselitz has designed their new production of Parsifal, starring Jonas Kaufmann and Nina Stemme. This summer at Bayreuth the new production of Lohengrin features sets and costumes by celebrated artists Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy. They are the major exponent of the "New Leipzig School of Painting" which combines figurative and abstract styles. Below are examples of their art.

HERE is an interview with Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy speaking about their new Lohengrin


There is a very good chance that this is what the new Bayreuth production of Lohengrin will look like. As always, Bayreuth has kept the look of the new production a secret, although they have released a poster in order to advertise the live video transmission of Opening Night on July 25, 2018. The poster below is in the same style as the two works above. Also, the figure on the lower right bears a resemblance to tenor Roberto Alagna, who weeks ago left the production. He has been replaced by Polish tenor Piotr Beczala.
As photographs of the new production begin appearing, they will be added to this page. Below is a photograph Bayreuth has released showing artists Neo Rauch and Flora Loy on the left with singers Waltraud Meyer and Anja Harteros who will sing the roles of Ortrud and Elsa, in what appear to be costumes for the new production. Sitting on top of the box labeled "Lohengrin 2018" is director Yuval Sharon, the first American invited to direct a production at the Green Hill.




Curtain Calls for the Principals after the August 25 Opening Night performance of Lohengrin